Always use dish soap to clean the container and rinse it with water thoroughly. Especially, when it comes to drinking water you need to ensure that you have a water treatment system in place at home and work. In such circumstances, the only option you will have is to purify the water yourself.

Thus these are some of China filter presses the easiest and the most commonly used water purifier system advised by the experts.

You must be aware that most of us get water which more often is infected with bacteria and parasites.

5Clean Cloth to Filter Water: After mixing the liquid and allowing it to settle for another thirty minutes, you can filter the water through a clean cloth.

There are various other ways to achieve effective .
9Solar Water Treatment: Exposing drinking water to clear sunlight for at least six hours a day has proved to be a very affective disinfectant. Though it helps to kill many disease causing organisms, it is not absolutely affective.
To lead a healthy life it is important that you eat and drink the purest form of everything. After fifteen seconds rinse it thoroughly with another bleach mixture that is weaker. There are non scented liquid available in the market. You need to bring the water to full rolling boil for at least five to ten minutes and then let it cool. Though treating the water with iodine is less affective then chlorine, yet it is better then not treating the water at all. This is one of the most effective and most used methods of purifying water. There could many occasions when you do not have access to water filters, like, if you are stuck in the wilderness or you live in that part of the world where you don’t get purified water. It is important for the bleach to contain chlorine in order for it to work.

. If that is true you cannot afford to hold back on the idea of water purification.

You need to go through the instructions given below to be able purify the water yourself:

4Use a clean container: To begin with the container used to store or hold water should be clean. Then submerge it a liquid solution which includes one teaspoon of liquid chlorine bleach meant for household use. It is very important to have access to safe and pure drinking water. You need to store the water in plastic Pet bottles.
8Iodine Treatment: It is another method that you can opt for apart from cleaning the water with chlorine. Whenever using iodine or a chlorine tablet make sure that you use the instructions first.
7Disinfectant Household Bleach: This method is also used commonly. For instance:

6Boiling: It is one of the easiest and the most common ways of water purification. You can either use a clean cotton cloth like a handkerchief or a silk