If needed, special insulated reservoirs are installed to eliminate condensation, in addition to a large selection of coolant reservoirs that are compatible with various capacities and configurations.

Honing equipment from Ohio Tool Works is designed to serve a multitude of industries, and coolant supplies are available for all machinery, no matter which applications they perform. Coolant System parts such as filter cloth roll media and filter bags are available directly from Ohio Tool Works, so you’re always assured of getting the proper accessories you need to keep your honing equipment running smoothly, and their coolant systems performing as they should. of Houston, TX, a division of Texas Iron Works. There, you can read about the company’s impressive history, as well as request information about their honing machinery and components.
In order to keep your honing equipment problem-free and operating to its fullest capacity, you need coolant systems that will prevent breakdowns. In addition, they help maintain the size and shape of the tools, along with preventing them from rusting.
Honing coolant systems are necessary to keep honing tools free of debris and cutting freely and cleanly.

When Ohio Tool Works manufactures honing equipment to meet the needs of industries such as aerospace or the petrochemical sector, the machines need to perform specific jobs in order to help companies increase production while keeping costs in line. Made-to-order honing systems will include a complimentary coolant system designed to ensure problem-free operation. If your company needs custom designed honing equipment, you can be sure you’ll get a coolant system that will keep your machinery operating at peak efficiency. Coolant refrigeration systems can also be incorporated into a design, in addition to specialized coolant delivery pumps, giving clients even more versatility when designing custom made honing equipment.

Ohio Tool Works is a leading manufacturer of custom honing equipment, and has recently been recognized as Vendor of the Year by Honing, Inc. Ohio Tool Works not only provides the honing equipment you need to get the job done, they provide the necessary coolant systems to keep it functioning properly. They lubricate the cutting area and extend the life of the tools they are used with. Ohio Tool Works is committed to ensuring the success of each and every one of their clients, with their 100 years of combined experience.

In addition to designing and building quality honing equipment, Clients can count on Ohio Tool Works for all the parts and accessories needed to keep machinery in perfect working order.

For more information about Ohio Tool Works and their exceptional honing equipment, visit them online at ohiotoolworks. The company offers a wide variety of standard and specially designed coolant systems, including centrifuge systems, combination and cyclonic filtration systems and refrigeration Filter Presses for sale systems. Depending upon the type of machine, the coolant system will feature different types of filters which may include high intensity, magnetic, deep-bed paper systems, magnetic over paper bed systems, cyclonic systems, centrifuges, bag style, or drag-out systems, among others. There are even coolant mist collection systems that are perfect for certain types of honing equipment