I have grown up to hear lots of different stories and hearsay about the British tap water system being unsafe to drink as it may contain some harmful chemicals - like chlorine.

I for one would never drink tap water when I am abroad as may be the case for everyone who are travelling abroad on holiday.

Filters are mainly used to soften the water and remove chemicals such as chlorine; there are water other purification methods that are just as effective if not more advanced as standard home water filters; however, they are not as readily portable as filters can be. I have known people to take water purifying tablets, but those are only useful for extreme regions and expeditions rather than in places like Spain or Italy! With this in mind I had invested on small water filters to take with me on my last holiday, this worked out Chamber/Recessed Filter Plates Manufacturers fine and cheaper than spending out on gallons of bottled water.

Drinking water in the UK mainly come from the surface such as lakes, reservoirs, rivers and ground water. It is a matter of choice and though there will be a continued debate against the use of chlorine there are always an abundance of water filters available, which if I say so myself are very useful. However, as mentioned previously many have argued the health issues of using chlorine in water and it is a debate that continues to stand at the forefront of health and safety. I used to believe that this was all over the top and full of nonsense, but now I have come to the realisation that there may be a fraction of truth in these warnings of drinking water safety.

The different types of filters include media filters, screen filters, disk filters, slow sand filter beds, rapid sand filters and cloth filters.

Water filters are handy for holidays as they are light, small and cost effective. As you are not aware of how safe the plumbing system is, it is best to put your health first and opt to buy bottled water. They can work in various different ways, the most commonly used filters are ones that work from purifying water through ion exchange, sieving and absorption of small chemical particles, which a normal sieve could not pass through. Therefore, our drinking water system is safer to drink, as chlorine is used as a disinfectant. Surface waters are usually treated naturally from direct sunlight, which eliminates pathogens naturally. However, I have also been aware of the amount of people either spending out on massive bottles of mineral water, or investing in clever water filters and water filtered jugs.